Advantages of a Spectrum Router With a Better Network Interface

Spectrum Router

With the increase in bandwidth and speed that we have been seeing in recent years, it is clear that the need for a high-speed router with a better network interface has never been more important than it is now. For many people, getting their computer to connect to the Internet is as simple as plugging in and then connecting your modem to an Ethernet port in your home or office. While this does work for some people, others have problems, such as slow speeds or problems with security. If you want to know more about the spectrum router login click here.

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Sometimes, people get routers and modems that they think are compatible with a home’s network but then discover that they don’t actually have the right types of ports to make it happen. When this happens, people often just throw away their old router and choose a new one that is compatible with a new network and is a lot faster and easier to use. In fact, choosing a new one may not necessarily be a bad idea if you can find one that has what you need.

If You Are Thinking Of Doing It Yourself Then Consider

If you are planning to do this yourself, it is a good idea to make sure you know all about the type of port on your router that can be used. There are many considerations to consider when choosing a new modem and router, including the types of ports and how those parts work together with the rest of the network.

For example, some ports on a router are used for voice and video chat while others are used for data. While you may need one port for video chat, another may be able to handle a different port, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). comcast business router login

What More?

You also need to be aware of how easy it is to configure the router so that you can use it on any type of network. Many people will install a router on the network they already have, and if you want to get one that will be compatible with your new network, make sure you understand the configuration settings and how each port works in order to make sure you are using it correctly. For instance, you may need a different port if you need to use a different network or if you are connecting to a different network altogether, such as wireless networks, instead of using the regular wired Ethernet port.

When you get a new router, make sure you understand the port and network compatibility before you purchase it, as well. It is very easy to get a great looking router on a cheap price tag, but find that it cannot do what you want when it comes to configuring your network. or connecting to the Internet. Before buying a new one, make sure you know what features your router can have and make sure that the type of port you need for your network is compatible with the one you need.


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What More?

Other than the low cost, one of the best things about using this company is that there are no limitations on how many surveys you can take at any given time. If you want to try out more than one company, then you can take as many as you want without worrying about losing your money. If you do decide to join a particular company, you will get paid for every item you purchase from this company or you an click here

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How To Hack Whatsapp APK And How It Works

Hack whats mod apks download is one of the most popular hacking tools on the internet. It has become extremely popular among a lot of users because it allows people to read other people’s emails, read their text messages, send and receive calls, and view and manage contacts in their phones. However, there is more to this tool than what its name suggests. This is how it works.

Hack Whatsapp APK downloads are generally used to send spam mails to other users. This is a very common way that hackers use to gain access to other users’ personal information. The program first creates a fake version of the sender’s phone number, usually in the form of an international toll-free number. After which, they place their own number in front of this number, in order to make it appear authentic.

Once the recipient opens the message, they will get a message asking them to download the application onto their mobile phone. The application will then be able to access the user’s account and use their phone number in a variety of ways. They can easily send SMS, make phone calls, and delete any messages they may have received. The software will even send spam to these numbers, so that the person will not be able to trace back the spam to their computer. You might also want to know about how to download yowhatsapp.

How Do They Hack It?

Hackers will often use the same tactics for gaining access to different email accounts. They will first create a fake email account and make themselves appear legitimate. They will then create a spoofed email account with a name similar to the one of the actual user. When the person replies to the email, they can easily give away the identity of the user by providing the fake user’s name and password.

Hackers also use these applications to gain access to bank accounts, as well. This is why people should be careful when downloading them. Because some of the more malicious programs can be downloaded for free. This is a huge problem, because some people will download the free versions of these programs without knowing that they might be infecting the computers of unsuspecting users. Once the hackers have gained access to these people’s computers, they can use this access to get unauthorized access to other files on their computer.


The only way to protect your computer against these hackers is to avoid downloading the free versions of these programs. If you have to download a certain application, make sure you do so from a reputable website where you know that the software will not harm your computer.


What is WhatsApp Plus Holo and How to Download It

Among the most sought-after variations of WhatsApp Plus around the internet due to its design, very similar to Android’s “Holo” interface (an interface which represents hologram layouts ), is WhatsApp Plus Holo. In this article, we will talk about this version and how to download this app.

what is whatsapp plus holo

What is WhatsApp Plus Holo

One of the most recognized software by XDA programmers is WhatsApp Plus Holo, which intends to personalize the planet’s hottest original instant messaging program, WhatsApp.

Few cellular programs host such a high number of consumers, and it’s at the top among the very prosperous immediate messaging programs globally. However, among those issues that WhatsApp users emphasize and whine about is that the port is simply generic in style, indistinguishable for many mobile devices.

For consumers it will become somewhat dull to always have exactly the identical design. Because of this, designers and XDA application developers found it available to make a variant like the WhatsApp that was first, WhatsApp Plus Holo, but with the distinction of owning a version, a HOLO motif to ruin the criteria.

Greatest of all? WhatsApp Plus Holo is totally free! The Holo edition of WhatsApp Plus was disrupted by its programmer due to the very low number of downloads that it had, therefore he spent time changing the initial variant of WhatsApp.

But you may always download WhatsApp Plus for free from its traditional edition, which provides many added benefits you won’t find from the first version of the program.

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How to Download WhatsApp Plus Holo

WhatsApp Plus Holo will permit you to alter the port of your WhatsApp, giving it a totally new look, which complements the appearance of your Android apparatus in a wonderful way. Later, you can personalize it using various topics and emoticons which you can use in each chat.

WhatsApp Plus Holo cannot be downloaded in Google Play, it’s only accessible in APK file format. Then how do I take action? Do not worry, here is how to download and set up the.APK file:

  • Visit third-party sites that offer Whatsapp variations for free, there you may download WhatsApp Plus Holo.
  • Click the “Download” button.
  • Wait the .apk record of WhatsApp Plus Holo to complete downloading.
  • Transfer the program to your own Android cellular device in which you want it to be set up.
  • Then simply open it. Click”Install”, and WhatsApp Plus Holo will be set up automatically.

If You Would like to download and set up WhatsApp Plus Holo, the following requirements should be fulfilled:

  • Not with the official variant of WhatsApp installed onto your mobile device. In case you need WhatsApp to uninstall and have, you can back up your chats in the panel.
  • You should have a mobile device with Android 2.1 operating system or greater.
  • Do not wait any more, download the Holo edition of WhatsApp Plus now!

Final Words

It is okay to use modded applications like WhatsApp Holo if you downloaded them from trusted sources. If you are worrying about getting banned, you may also find anti-ban versions and you’ll be safe. Thanks for visiting

Top 10 Wireless Routers Which You Can Buy in 2017

If you are looking for a wireless router that you can use at your home or office, then, this is for you. I will share with you the top 10 wireless routers in 2017. Don’t bother going out anymore to look for the best, because they are already included in this article. All you have to do is to choose and decide which to buy.

Top 10 Wireless Routers in 2017

With the passing years, a notable development in technology is observed. We have reached the stage where wired devices are outdated, and wireless devices are gaining popularity. This was bound to happen because the wired devices consume space and they are difficult to configure when compared to the wireless devices.

When we talk about Wireless Routers, the scenario is the same as explained above. Wireless routers are electronic devices which send data in the form of radio signals instead of cables. Wireless routers are easy to configure and manage. Nowadays, there are more demands for wireless routers than wired ones. Hence, there are many options available to you.

But the question is, which of them is the best? Which of them is worth buying and which is not? I know it is hard to compare the quality of the many wireless routers out there, especially when we are not experts and we only rely on what people say.

So, we list down the top 10 wireless routers you can buy in 2017. These are the most popular ones and the most stable so you can never go wrong with them. But first, let me tell you what you need to consider when you buy a wireless router. It will help you save your money and ensure that you purchased a high-quality item.

We also provided a list of best gadgets, and latest news and updates on the tech industry if you want to know what are the newly released devices in the present.

What to Consider when Buying a Wireless Router

When considering the purchase of a new wireless router, there are a couple of primary factors that you should consider:

1. Coverage area: It is essential to have an idea of the range of coverage you want to ensure. For example, if you are going to buy a wireless router for your home office alone, then buy the wireless router that can cover your office and can extend to your entire home. But, if your purpose is to have an internet connection inside a three-storey building, you must consider buying a router that will cover that entire building.

2. Total devices: Just like the first factor, we should also have a rough idea of the number of devices that we want to connect to the Wi-Fi network. There are routers that let you connect up to 10 or more devices. Wireless routers are available in multiple ranges of features and price, from the simplest and cheapest to the complete and generally more expensive.

The important thing when deciding what to buy is to understand the difference between the versions and models. To help you out, we have prepared the list of the top 10 wireless routers for 2017. The list includes routers from each group of prices and features, and we will explain each of the models to give you a better idea of which device suits you the best.

Top 10 Wireless Routers in 2017

#1. ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300 Wi-Fi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB 3.0

ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual-Band 2x2 AC1300 Wi-Fi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB 3.0This is the best dual band router in the present Wi-Fi world. RT-ACRH13 is provided with MU-MIMO technology and memory size of 128 MB. It improves the range and speed as fast as the lightning. The price of this router is fair, and it can reach your requirements.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Memory: 128MB RAM, USB 3.0
  • Antenna: External Antenna x 4
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz
  • Transmits/Receive: MIMO technology, 2.4GHz 2 x 2, 5 GHz 2 x 2

#2. TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Wi-Fi Router (Archer C1200)

TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Wi-Fi Router (Archer C1200)TP-Link AC1200 is a great product which can cover all of your needs. This router is fast and dependable. This Wi-Fi router supports the new 802.11ac standards, and it provides three antennas for stable connectivity with less delay.

  • Memory: 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • Antenna: 3x External Antenna

#3. TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router(TL-WR940N)

TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router(TL-WR940N)TL-N450 is the best product to provide a Wi-Fi connection inside your house. This Wi-Fi router provides an optimal wireless performance which makes it smooth for online gaming and streaming HD video.

  • Antenna: 3*5dBi Fixed Omni Directional Antenna
  • Frequency: 2.4 – 2.4835GHz
  • Buttons: Wireless Button, WPS/Reset Button, Power Button
  • Interface: 4 10/100Mbps

#4. NETGEAR N750 Dual Band 4 Port Wi-Fi Gigabit Router(WNDR4300)

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band 4 Port Wi-Fi Gigabit Router(WNDR4300)If you are looking for a dual-band router, then it’s the time to buy NETGEAR N750. This router uses dual band technology for reducing interferences and reaches speed up to 750mbps. It can hold multiple devices at a time without any interruption.

  • Wi-Fi Technology: 802.11n Dual Band Gigabit N750
  • Ranges: Medium to large homes.
  • Frequency: Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

#5. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router – AC3450

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router - AC3450If you are searching for a gaming router, then AC3450 is the best choice. In the field of gaming, one of the many problems faced by gamers is lagging. But using this router, you don’t even need to think about lagging issue anymore. AC3450 gives you the best performance in gaming and a lag-free experience.

  • Frequency: 1.4GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: 128 flash and 256 RAM

#6. Linksys Max Stream EA7300 AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router with MU-MIMO

Linksys Max Stream EA7300 AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router with MU-MIMOLooking for a router, which is budget friendly? Then go for Linksys Max Stream EA7300. This is a Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router provides with MU-MIMO technology that doesn’t lag, and efficient performance is a plus point. It has three antennas to support a long range of Wi-Fi connection.

  • Network standard: IEEE type
  • Link rate: 867mbps
  • Radiofrequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz

#7. TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Wi-Fi Router-Long Range, High Powered, Dual Band, Gigabit (Archer C9)TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Wi-Fi Router-Long Range, High Powered, Dual Band, Gigabit (Archer C9)

TP-Link comes out as the best product that has strong Wi-Fi signals. Archer C9 provides great performance compared to other routers because when it comes to the speed of data transfer, it is about 1.9Gbps. It has great coverage and speed that is perfect for your needs.

  • Port: 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, USB 3.0 and 2.0
  • Antenna: 3 dual band

#8. TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router (Archer C50)

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router (Archer C50)TP-Link brings out the next product which is budget friendly too and is the fastest router available. It is not only about performances, but it is also the best wireless AC router available that people can afford. It has two antennas which can provide a decent range.

  • Port: 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, USB 2.0
  • Antenna type: 2 dual band

#9. Linksys AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router MU-MIMO (Max Stream EA8500)

Linksys AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router MU-MIMO (Max Stream EA8500)Nowadays there are many routers available in the market, so people are much confused about what to buy and how to know if it is the right one. When it comes to streaming, then you can go for Linksys Max Stream EA8500. It uses MU-MIMO technology for increased performance and provides a good coverage.

  • Radio frequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Buttons: Reset, WiFi-Protected Setup, Power
  • Max Link rate: 1733 Mbps

#10. ASUS RT-AC5300 Wireless AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit Router

ASUS RT-AC5300 Wireless AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit RouterLast but not the least on the top 10 wireless routers is the Asus router. It plays a major role in connecting multiple devices. We all know that the Asus is a pretty trusted brand. It has a stable flow of wireless connectivity between multiple devices. It provides the best performance in the field of multiple device connections.

  • Coverage: Substantial home
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz , 5GHz-1, 5GHz-2
  • Memory: 128 flash/ 512 RAM

These were the top 10 wireless routers which you can buy in 2017. You can check the features and buy the one which suits the best for you. No matter which you choose, just remember the two things you need to consider when buying one for your personal or business use.


Some of the wireless routers above come at a high price, but will surely provide you the best service you’ll ever need. Practically, you can go for a cheaper one especially if it is just for home use. But when you consider the length of service, stability and security, why not go for the expensive ones.

Just remember guys, I am not encouraging you to spend much on buying a wireless router. I am just here to give you options and help you decide. At the end of the day, you’re still gonna be the one to use it.

So, if you have any suggestions, concerns, and queries, please leave them in the comment box below. We will try to respond as soon as we can to give you answers to help you out in everything you need.

Best gadgets 2018: the top tech you can buy right now

Choice paralysis is something that you may or may not have heard of, but you’ll definitely have been affected by. It’s the thing that happens when you’re given so many options that you end up not being able to make a decision at all.

You want an ice cream? Yes. Do you want vanilla? Chocolate? Pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, peach sorbet, rum raisin, mint choc chip, chunky monkey? Suddenly, the idea of an ice cream doesn’t seem so appealing.

Well, the tech world is rife with choice paralysis. For every phone, TV, or tablet there’s a mind-boggling amount of options, which can make the process of buying a new piece of tech far less enjoyable than it should be.

To help you overcome this problem we’ve collated a list of the best gadgets available right now. The industry leaders. The creme de la creme.


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